Quality time

This post is just a reminder to balance work, play and learning. Take time out for you and don't feel guilty for having a rest when things are heavily stressful.

Busy lifestyles/pressure and routine

Trying to fit everything into just twenty-four hours a day can prove hard sometimes. Balancing seeing everyone for just a short time in the week can be tricky. Prioritising that "rest time" when you work long hours, overly working outside of your hours and factoring in any YOU time with so much to fit in can feel impossible. The pressure from everyday life can make you want to "chill out" way too often and put off doing things you really want to do. This is really relatable when work is much more prominent in the routine than rest. I've always worked around six days a week and likewise for those around me. I've learnt you have to do what makes you happy and have focus on the career path you want to have. Being in the right job can change all of this instantly, work should not just be a means to an end. For me, it should be something you enjoy going to. That can mean working longer hours or finding your feet in something that bit more sociable. If you're achieving a goal or doing what you really want to do it has such a positive impact.

Note: Make positive changes- ( and don't be afraid to). Be in a career you like, do more things for you and treat others. Small things really make the difference.


I've always had numerous interests and a creative side about me, but again complacency, money and time have always been a huge obstacle. I'm still determined to learn languages and write more. Plus go for that run I keep putting off. Having certain things that you can feel accomplished by or better yourself is always rewarding. It's just the motivation beforehand!


Things to stop saying...

  1. I'll do it next week
  2. I'm too tired today


Making the most of the little things is essential to me. Most of the time I've had completely different days off to my family, friends and boyfriend and it can seem disheartening. It's best to use the evenings to your full advantage regardless of how you're feeling. Every once in a while it's good to get dressed up, go to the cinema, have too many drinks or even just a walk. It doesn't have to mount up or be anything extravagant, but you have to make time for people that are important to you.

What do you like to do to unwind?

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